VitalyKazes, LLC, was founded in 2017 by Vitali Kazes.

Early Days

In 2004, while working on a thesis about robotic and orthopedic replacement legs and feet at a hospital, Vitali Kazes developed the concept of a Proper Posture high-heeled shoe.

He calculated the arctangents, and entered the shoe-making sector of the dance world by producing his first Proper Posture high-heeled women’s dance shoes at the end of 2004. Vitali Kazes , working alone, created the following formula:

Improved Orthotic Arch Support Inclined High-Heeled Shoes Invention

From 2005 through 2011, he used his advanced knowledge of science and mathematics to create the best version of an ORTHOTIC arch support inclined high-heeled shoe.

His background and education in engineering provided the scientific and mathematical expertise to approach the issue methodically. He had observed the difficulties women had while wearing high heels – from painful, sore, and aching feet to pain in the knees, back, shoulders and neck, and even accidents like falling down or twisting an ankle. He saw the hazards women encountered while wearing high heels in everyday life, from injuries to their ankles while trying to run to catch a taxi, to the frequency in which they’d take off the high heels to massage aching feet.

The more Mr. Kazes studied the anatomy of the foot, the more he was impelled to figure out a way to make women’s shoes feel as spectacular as they looked.

What does “orthotic” mean? In medicine, it’s an adjective used to describe an orthopedic device that straightens or supports a body part. There are common orthotic devices people use for foot problems, including heel inserts, insoles and cushions.

He continued to test and evaluate each successive version of the formula he created. Then later in 2011, the first appearance of the VitalyKazes shoe happened, when he completed the full research and development for orthotic arch support inclined high-heeled shoes. His success spurred him on to continue the evolution his line of stylish, orthotic high heels.

A Question of Balance

When a woman wears ordinary high heels, her balance and posture and alignment are thrown off. By putting the foot into an ordinary high-heeled shoe, the muscles, tendons and ligaments are strained. Corns, calluses, bunions, and stress fractures can occur. And you don’t need that much of a heel to encounter problems and pain! Every inch of heel height puts stress and pressure on the ball of the foot. One inch equals 22% greater stress on the ball of the foot than flats do. A 3-inch heel puts 76% greater pressure on the ball of the foot. The pressure caused by 5 or 6 inch heels is almost unimaginable.

Vitali explored the mathematics and geometry of the foot structure. It is the framework on which all of his shoes are designed. The variables are in the formula of each design. Heel height and horizontal reflection of the inflection peak point is expressed with a mathematical equation. The mathematical secret of the VitalyKazes shoes? In a manner of speaking, Mr. Kazes used applied mathematics (a combination of mathematical science and specialized knowledge such as engineering) to create his shoe line.

And here are the basics of the winning formula:

The result? An improved orthotic arch support inclined high heel that is as beautiful as it is comfortable. The heel might be high, but with the improved orthotic arch support inclined high-heeled shoe, it will feel like walking in a flat orthotic arch support shoe.

And there is no need for any orthotic arch support cushioned insoles for the Improved Orthotic Arch Support Inclined High-Heeled Shoes Invention.

Three words describe what’s happening here, through the merging of inspiration and science. This is revolutionary!

So what is the nature of the Improved Orthotic Arch Support Inclined High-Heeled Shoes Invention?

The invention is, simply, a high-heeled shoe with an improved orthotic arch support incline. If a woman has normal arches, by wearing the VitalyKazes shoes, she will preserve a healthy, balanced position, both anatomically and visually. For individuals with flat feet, the shoe converts the pronation position (the actual name for flat feet) into a neutral position, which is what a person with normal arches has. The flat-footed individual’s appearance and stance become healthy and balanced, both anatomically and visually. The shoe’s design allows a comfortable gait in the natural anatomical position, and renders the weight center of the body to a balance. Experientially, it is exactly like walking in a flat orthotic arch support shoe. The person walking the orthotic arch support inclined high-heeled shoes are at a perfect level as the invention independently provides support for individuals with flat feet, normal arch feet, or high arch feet.